Friday, January 28, 2011

The Audacious Mother

A fellow Mommy of mine just sent me this link:

To sum up the story, a mother was breastfeeding her 5 month old daughter UNDER a blanket in a discreet location at a mall  and was asked to leave. I can not imagine how infuriated this woman was. So, in retaliation she created a flash mob for more breast feeding mothers. Which I totally love.

Here is the woman's original blog:

 Don't get me wrong, I think that we should have discretion while feeding our children from our bodies. I have only fed Lilly once in public and as far as I know no one had a problem with it. I just think there is something terribly wrong in our society when it is encouraged that women wear low cut shirts to flaunt their breasts, or get surgery to make their breasts larger and more attractive but to use them for what they are actually made for is completely appalling. It just seems very ignorant and immature to me.

In my blog yesterday I explained that prior to being pregnant I knew absolutely nothing about breastfeeding and had never been exposed to it what so ever. It has been my experience that people are either very open to the idea or completely opposed (99% of the opposition is from women). The only negative comments I've received is "its gross" or it "freaks me out." I've even had women get extremely defensive with me because they used formula instead of breastfeeding. I have never looked down on anyone for NOT breastfeeding. I don't really care, its your choice. The women that have been opposed have seemed incredibly uncomfortable even discussing it and although I can be a confrontational person, its not like I was saying "Your baby is totally going to be an awful person if you don't breastfeed them." I've simply tried to share what I've discovered the benefits are. I just don't understand why its such a touchy subject. Lactation is as natural as tears. It serves a function and benefit and if you look at the benefits they are astounding. What could be more powerful?

Are we really that ashamed of our bodies that we are willing to flaunt them for attention yet not use them for what they're made for? If I really wanted to stretch theories, I could observe that women who get boob jobs are mimicking breasts full of milk. I have never seen natural big round boobs. What a disturbing unrealistic image to teach our little girls. Oh, breasts? They're for men and sex and nothing else. Don't be natural, shame shame!

Just an interesting observance.

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  1. I've never thought of it that way before, but it IS funny how we react to breasts in our society. And by funny, I mean sad. Boobs are totally sexy and cool, as long as there's not a baby attached to them. I have absolutely no problem with women discretely feeding their babies in public. It is natural, and you're right, so very good for your baby. I'm much more annoyed with people talking on their cell phones in public!